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Our services, offered with a comprehensive and intercultural approach,
are primarily aimed at individuals from a migratory background and multicultural businesses.
They are designed to help them integrate socially, professionally, and economically into our Quebec society.

Services aux individus

Services for individuals

Our employability services are 100% free
and subsidized by Services Québec (SQ).


They are offered in group or individual formats, in both French and English. They encompass eight key services:

  • Specific Support

  • Needs Assessment

  • Skills Development

  • Labor Market Information

  • Preparation and Job Insertion

  • Career Counseling and Clarification

  • Intercultural Training and Diversity Management

  • Partnership for Access and Employment Development

Co-Working Space

Espace travail

The CGE offers you the opportunity to obtain a workspace in a bright and quiet environment so that you can progress in your personal or professional endeavors.

This service is offered to you free of charge,
from Monday to Thursday, from 9 am to 4:30 pm.


We can provide you with spaces equipped with computers, as well as work tables for those who want to work on their own laptops.

  • Number of computer-equipped spaces: 20

  • Number of work tables: 21

Some considerations:

  • To have sound on the computers, please bring your headphones.

  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the computer room.

Come and work in peace in our co-working space.


Services for Business

Services aux entreprises

Assisted Job Placement Service

Do you wish to recruit qualified, diverse personnel?

At the CGE, we firmly believe that every individual is a whole that deserves our full attention,
in order to find the job that aligns with each person.

We will take the time to properly determine your needs, and then propose qualified and motivated candidates
who will meet your requirements and contribute to the success of your team.


Call us to assist you in your efforts!


Consultation and Support Services

Is your company well-equipped to facilitate the hiring, integration, and retention of immigrant employees?

The experts at CGE will help you rethink your hiring processes to promote an efficient and diverse workforce. They can assist you in meeting more challenges regarding the welcoming and integration of new employees into the work environment.

They can also review your internal communications if you are experiencing difficulties with employee retention.

CGE is aware of the time, effort, human and financial resources that you invest when you need staff.
Efficiently, we will transform your challenges into successes.


Contact us to learn more.

Training Service

Do you need a helping hand with the integration of your employees?

Accredited as a training organization by Services Québec (Accreditation No. 0054622), we offer specialized training to businesses, to help them be more effective in terms of integration. Our training optimizes your employment retention of racialized or immigrant labor. All aspects of managing cultural diversity are covered, to enable your company and your employees to communicate more effectively, while ensuring the success of integration.

Contact us to learn more about our training.


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