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Centre Génération Emploi

The goal of the Centre Génération Emploi is to support you in your socio-professional integration journey.
The CGE offers you programs and services tailored to your needs and expectations.
Support is provided to both individuals and businesses.

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The CGE is an employment counseling center that offers mostly free services for employability development with a holistic and intercultural approach. Its goal is to welcome, support, and assist people from immigrant backgrounds, cultural communities, and racialized minorities in preparing for employment and in their social, professional, and economic integration into Quebec society.

Notre Mission
Qui sommes nous


With 40 years of experience in the field of employability, serving a diverse and sensitive clientele from over 64 different origins.

The Centre Génération Emploi is an ethical, welcoming, and inclusive community organization, composed of a team of humanitarian, wise, passionate, empathetic, and warm employees.

The CGE offers resources of expertise, assistance, and support, to learn about oneself, to find oneself and to rebuild, in order to realize our dreams and new ambitions in socio-professional life with calm, conviction, and commitment to find a job!

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At the heart of the organization, five values guide CGE employees on a daily basis in their work and in their relationships with participants.

Le Centre Génération Emploi croit en des relations harmonieuses entre les personnes, motivées par le respect de soi et des autres. Nous valorisons l’ouverture, la solidarité, l’entraide et le respect des particularités et des différences.

For us, it is important to offer a work environment where honesty and commitment to the mission prevail.

We are a cutting-edge place where creativity is valued. The HR team at Centre Génération Emploi is committed to adapting to the evolving needs of the clientele and the organization. The resources of our organization are also characterized by creativity, the willingness to explore new ways of doing things, as well as new services that will meet the needs of the community.

Empowering individuals to recognize their ability to take action is paramount. We use an approach and interventions that provide people with the means and skills to be active forces in their development and in improving their living conditions.

We offer a welcoming and inclusive place, which is open to diversity in all its forms.



A Story Marked by Success

The CGE was founded in 1983 under the name Génération Travail – YMCA. At that time, its mission was the socioeconomic integration of young people who were severely disadvantaged in terms of employment.

In July 1989, Génération Emploi expanded its offerings to include equal access to employment and job integration for members of ethnocultural communities and visible minorities, as well as for youth and women in Greater Montreal. In 1998, following its incorporation, the organization became known as the CGE.

Over the following decades, we have developed a unique expertise in career development and integration. We have been involved in our community, working in concert with other local, regional, and national organizations, which has allowed us to establish ourselves as a true reference in our field.

Today, the CGE welcomes, supports, and assists people, primarily from immigrant backgrounds, cultural communities, and racialized minorities, in their social, professional, and economic integration into Quebec society. As experts in career development, we also act as a welcoming and integration point for newcomers and as a partner for employers in search of labor.

Notre Historique

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